Cours et conférences

Lecture Topics:

Post-Graduate Lectures by Hamid Montakab


  • Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine;  (Insomnia and other sleep pathologies)
  • Insomnia: Diagnosis and Treatment; (Patterns based on Weiqi, Blood and Shen disturbances; Role of the Extraordinary channels)
  • Insomnia and the modern world
  • Working with Dreams in Chinese Medicine; (Diagnostic significance and Therapeutic application of dreams)


  • Management of pain with local Barrier points
  • Significance of Pain in Chinese Medicine; (Diagnostic interpretation of a painful point


  • Chinese Psychology: The 6 Temperaments 1 day
  • The 6 Temperaments in clinical practice (Strategy selection according to the Temperament)
  • Mind and Emotions as “Roots of Disease”: (Management of belief systems and habitual emotional patterns)
  • Management of Grief and Post Traumatic Stress


  • Pathologies of the Head: Headaches; facial pains; sensory problems: ear, nose, eyes, mouth and throat diseases; allergies
  • Acupuncture strategies for Headaches
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Pathologies; Management of Allergies 


  • Chronic recurrent conditions and the Jing Bie (Divergent channels and the Windows of Heaven points)
  • Jing Bie and the Windows of Heaven 1 day
  • The Eight Extraordinary Vessels in clinical practice; (Psycho-emotional profiles)
  • The Luo-connecting channels in clinical practice; (Management of emotions and treatment of the portals)
  • The Jingjin- Sinew channels and acute superficial conditions 1 day


  • From conception to Birth; Chinese Obstetrics

Workshops with Solange Montakab

    • The Body Armors and the Sinew channels (symptoms, pathology and liberating strategies): 2 days
    • The Duality Process (Cultivation of the mind; mastering the beliefs and judgments): 2 days
    • The Hidden Roots of Disease (Chinese Psycho-somatics; dialog with the body; awakening the Healer within): 2 days
    • Working with “Qi” (The importance of Intention, Alignment and Central Axis; the energetic attitude of the therapist; Qigong massage): 2 days


  • 25.9.2018: Graz-Austria/ TAO Congress: “ACUPUNCTURE FOR INSOMNIA”
  • 26.9.2018: Graz-Austria/ TAO Congress: “TRAUMATIC STRESS”
  • 21.3.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” SENSORY ORGANS”
  • 22.3. 2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” PSYCHOLOGY & TEMPERAMENTS”
  • 23.3.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” MIND & EMOTIONS”
  • 3.5.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy:”Jing Luo, the 6 Divisions”
  • 9-10.5.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “THE 8 EXTRAORDINARY VESSELS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE”
  • 11-5.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “WORKING WITH DREAMS in CHINESE MEDICINE”
  • 27.6.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “JING JIN-SINEW CHANNELS)
  • 28.6.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: JING LUO-CONNECTING VESSELS”
  • 29.6.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: JING BIE-DIVERGENT CHANNELS”
  • 27.9.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “PAIN MANAGEMENT WITH LOCAL BARRIER POINTS”
  • 3.10.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” SENSORY ORGANS”
  • 4.10.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” PSYCHOLOGY & TEMPERAMENTS”
  • 5.10.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “SPIRIT POINTS in CLINICAL PRACTICE”
  • 5.12.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “ACUPUNCTURE for INSOMNIA
  • 6.12.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: ” MIND & EMOTIONS”
  • 7.12.2019: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: GRIEF & POST TRAUMATIC STRESS
  • 25-26.4.2020: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: MIND & EMOTIONS as “ROOTS of DISEASE”
  • 25.6.2020: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: “JING JIN-SINEW CHANNELS)
  • 26.6.2020: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: JING LUO-CONNECTING VESSELS”
  • 27.6.2020: Winterthur-Switzerland/ Chiway Academy: JING BIE-DIVERGENT CHANNELS”